Rocket Department Prepares Sacramento Startups For Launch


Winner of the latest Hacker Lab competition, Rocket Department, is here to help get your startup off the ground. This five-person tech team met at Hacker Lab in 2013. Since, they have won two Sacramento hackathons, incorporated as an independent prototyping company, and are well on their way to making Sacramento a more tech-forward region by working alongside local icons such as the Sacramento Kings.

During Startup Weekend, Rocket Department will be on-site providing guidance to teams on the technical aspects of developing a minimum viable product. Their technical skills include design, programming, responsive web design, embedded systems, 3D modeling, mechanical engineering, app development, databases, woodworking, and laser cutting. The Rocket Department office at Hacker Lab will be open during the weekend, and participants are encouraged to come in and ask any technical questions that they may have. Members of Rocket Department will also available to assist in the MakerSpace—lending their expertise to assist with the building of your minimum viable product through laser cutting, woodworking and electronics.

The first place winner of Startup Weekend Sacramento will be awarded the Rocket Department Launch Package—taking your idea to the next level. The Launch Package includes 10 hours of technical advisory, enterprise-level identity design, development of a landing page (including assistance with the setup of web hosting / domain purchase / company email addresses), and the integration of site analytics which provide stats for market research.

Rocket Department Launch Package (Valued at $5,000)

– 10 hours of technical advising

– Design and Development of Landing Page

– Set Up Company Email, Web Hosting, Web Analytics